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Just Ask Ptolemy...Your Astrological Sign Has NOT Changed!

Posted by Leslie W. on Saturday, September 24, 2016,
Every five years or so, there is an astrological panic on my social media walls. This year, a blog shared by George Takei stating that NASA has redefined our zodiac signs caused this panic to resurface... 

"OMG, I'm not a Virgo anymore?"
"But I don't FEEL like a Scorpio!"
"Yay! I always wanted to be an Aquarius!"
"Oh, screw that. I am still a Sagittarius."
"See? Astrology is fake!" 
"You mean I was never a Leo??" 
And now...
"NASA changed my zodiac sign!!"

"I'm just here to ruin the fun! (Insert e...

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Mercury Retrograde in the Middle of a Bunch of Virgo

Posted by Leslie W. on Thursday, September 1, 2016,
Mercury went retrograde at the last degree (29) of Virgo on Tuesday, August 30th.  And this morning, there was a New Moon eclipse at 9 degrees Virgo. 

All this Virgo energy supports re-organizing the details of our lives.  We need to be diligent with our diet, exercise, housekeeping and budgeting routines in order to have the time and money we need to live the lives we want to live, and to live "our truth".

The original meaning of Virgo is "A woman owned by no man."  In modern day translation,...
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