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Eclipses and Retrogrades of the Summer of 2018

Posted by Leslie W. on Monday, July 30, 2018,


Does the energy feel "different?"


Well, We are in between 2 eclipses and Mercury and Mars and Saturn are all retrograde.

Mars in Aquarius is helping us emotionally detach from our impulses so we can re-evaluate how to change the way we assert ourselves.
Mercury retrograde is helping us finish old projects, and re-evaluate the details and how we communicate with others.

Saturn retrograde in Capricorn is asking us how we can be "the boss o...

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Your Place in the World: The highest, elevated planet in your chart

Posted by Leslie W. on Tuesday, July 24, 2018,
The moment you were born, the stars were lined up in the sky in a unique way, to give you insight into this life's journey, and to help navigate #YourPlaceInTheWorld

The Planet that sat highest in the sky when you were born gives an indication of the type of energy you will attract to yourself from the general public, and what your place in the world will be like. 🌞 

Sun=people want to revolve around you and worship you, 
Moon=you absorb and experience people's feelings, 
Mercury=you hav...

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Social Media and the Empath: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Posted by Leslie W. on Tuesday, July 17, 2018,
This one is for the empathic souls.  I'm posting this because I had an epiphany as an empath, and thought this might help other empaths.

Astrologically, empaths tend to be ruled by the water and the moon, particularly Cancer energy. Pisces energy absorbs everyone's energy around them, Scorpios are painfully aware of the lack of empathy in others.  Empaths literally experience other people's emotions, particularly emotions directed towards them. Empaths are prone to getting other people's ener...
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