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Mother Earth

Posted by Leslie W. on Thursday, April 23, 2020,

The Earth provides everything we need, and has never asked us for a thing in return.  And yet #uranusintaurus is showing us that most earthlings still believe that money provides everything they need. 

Money is an illusion, created by humans.  It is nothing but a symbol, representing cultural worth.  It is a made up thing that can be rendered useless by mother earth if she wants to. 

In less than two months, after forcing us to go to our rooms to reevaluate what is important,  the air polluti...

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Stormy Astrological Weather Ahead, from April 24th until December 24th, 2020

Posted by Leslie W. on Friday, April 17, 2020,
Remember when I said we needed to minimize, contract, and simplify? It was to be ready for this storm:

Pluto goes Retrograde at the end of the month, April 24th: More destruction of society's institutions, structures, and systems, in order to rebuild society's institutions, structures and systems.   

Venus & Jupiter go retrograde in May: Re-evaluating our values...again.  What is really important? 

Mercury goes retrograde in June: Re-evaluating how we go about our daily lives, how we speak, and ...

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Hot Pink Moon

Posted by Leslie W. on Wednesday, April 8, 2020,

Balance in all parts of your life, and all relationships, including (and especially) the relationships with yourself, your values, and humanity.
#fullpinkmoon #hotpinkmoon
#Fullmoon #18Libra #18aries
#fullmooninLibra = Awareness of the unfairness
#PlutoconjunctJupiter = big changes in the structures of society.
#VenustrineMars = opportunities to take action for change
#VenusTrineSaturn = Taking values seriously
#mercurysextilepluto = changing how one thinks
#marssquareuranus = cha...

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