Astrology is the study of energetic shifts on Earth, and sometimes energies of the planets manifest more favorably in certain signs than in others.  It's not that the energy of the planet or sign alone is "bad".  It's just that certain planets are better at doing their jobs in certain signs than in others. Like, if you're shopping and looking for certain items, you might have better luck in one store than another. 

For example, let's say your energy is craving an arugula salad with a side of gluten free bread.  If you go to a hardware store, you might find a vending machine for soda, but not an arugula salad. Does this mean the hardware store is "bad"? Only if you want a salad.  Likewise, you wouldn't go to Whole Foods Market for lumber.

Let's say the Moon is a gourmet chef, and that the Sun is a football player.  Let's say the sign Taurus is actually a chef's kitchen in a high class restaurant, and that the sign Aries is a training field on a military base. Which one would be better in the kitchen, and which one is better on the field?

When a planet is "dignified", it's in its ruling sign and feels at home.

When a planet is "exalted", it's in the sign where it is working its best magic.

When a planet is in "detriment" it's in the opposite of its ruling sign, and is homesick.

When a planet is in its "fall", it struggles to shine, and feels in crisis.

Dignified, Exalted, Detriment, Fall:


Dignified in Leo--Leadership, creative, open hearted, "I am the king of my world". 

Exalted in Aries--"I am who I am and I know myself well. My body and willpower are strong."

Detriment in Aquarius--"Who are these Earthlings and why can't I relate to them?"

Fall in Libra--"It's getting darker outside and I feel codependent". 

Note: The Sun enters the Fall Equinox on the first day of Libra, and enters the Spring Equinox on the first day of Aries.


Dignified in Cancer--"I'm comfortable with my emotions. Would you like a grilled cheese sandwich?"

Exalted in Taurus--"I'm emotionally and financially stable and I have good taste."

Detriment in Capricorn--"Only my needs matter, I don't like emotions, and I'm the boss."

Fall in Scorpio--"I'm really uncomfortable and paranoid, I don't trust you, and that's why I'm a control freak."


Dignified in Gemini and Virgo--"I am logical, I send the message, I see the details, I'm taking an accurate inventory."

Exalted in Aquarius--"I am rational and share my overflowing wisdom and intelligence in a simple way with others."

Detriment in Sagittarius and Pisces--Blowing the details out of proportion, exaggerations, confusion, lying by omission.

Fall in Leo--"I believe everything that I think. So, I'm always right. I speak from my ego, and only my opinion counts."


Dignified in Taurus and Libra--"I know what is valuable, and I know what I'm worth. I'm good with money and with dealing with people. I value my relationships and I'm very polite."

Exalted in Pisces--"I love you unconditionally and I never hold a grudge. I am otherworldly and glamorous. I'm a Unicorn. I'm a Mermaid."

Detriment in Scorpio and Aries--"I'm afraid to love anyone but myself, because there are no rules and love is war! I just want to be alone, but I also just want to be validated!"

Fall in Virgo--"I will always find something wrong with you. Everyone is too imperfect to love. I don't want anyone telling me how to live my life or who I should love, either."


Dignified in Aries and Scorpio--"I am full of energy, I own my personal power, and I'm sexy!"

Exalted in Capricorn--"I can channel and control my energy to build a strong empire."

Detriment in Libra and Taurus--"I am codependent, stubborn, and stingy."

Fall in Cancer--"I'm motivated by emotions, but not in a good way. I'm impulsive and eat too much junk food."


Dignified in Sagittarius and Pisces--"We see the big picture and it's beautiful. We share an abundance of optimism and healing energy with the world." 

Exalted in Cancer--Everyone's needs are met, and everyone feels at home and nurtured. No one is lacking. "Cake and pillow-forts for everyone!"

Detriment in Gemini and Virgo--Gossipy and Picky, respectively. Can't see the forest for the trees.

Fall in Capricorn--Fear of lack, scarcity, loneliness. "I'm so cold and hungry, and I have nothing left give."


Dignified in Capricorn and Aquarius--"Responsibility equals freedom."

Exalted in Libra--"Justice, fairness, peace, partnerships, marriage, rule of law, civility." 

Detriment in Cancer and Leo--Difficulty adulting because they felt robbed of a childhood. (Cancer rules babies, Leo rules children). "My parents didn't nurture or love me enough!"

Fall in Aries--"I feel like I'm not allowed to be me! And I really resent authority for this!"

The outer planets: Uranus, Neptune and Capricorn, are said to only have dignities and detriments, (and are not officially exalted or in fall in any sign).

The outer planets rule the collective unconscious, generations and public events, and it generally takes longer to analyze their effects. 

Here are my suggestions as to which signs I believe they may be in exaltation and fall and why.


Dignified in Aquarius (Wisdom and the ability to share it, altruism), detriment in Leo (the ego eclipses the wisdom).

Uranus' Suggested Exaltation: Scorpio--The ability to detach from crises and see what needs to be done to transform from crises.

Uranus' Suggested Fall: Taurus--Obsession with materialism, resisting necessary change, values are set in the wrong place. Altruism is devalued. 


Dignified in Pisces (forgiveness, unconditional love, healing music, art for art's sake), detriment in Virgo (unhealthy habits, unsustainable health care, slavery/slave wages).

Neptune's Suggested Exaltation: Leo--Ultimate creative expression from the heart, inventing new forms of art and music, the first "bohemian" movement, blessing one's inner child, compassionate leadership.

Neptune's Suggested Fall: Aquarius--Escapism through social media, overly dependent on technology, using technology to deceive large groups of people, identity theft, computer hackers, technological breakdowns.


Dignified in Scorpio (not afraid to look at the "dark side" and transform from a crisis), detriment in Taurus (hoarding of wealth, theft, fascism, oppression of females).

Pluto's Suggested Exaltations:  

Cancer--Transformation of "homeland" and the matriarchy, reduction of famine, suburbs invented, transforms how we get our food (industrial farms, refrigeration). 

Libra--Transformation through balance and societal reforms. Those born in the Pluto in Libra generation are a bridge between the older generations and the younger generations. Pluto in Libra can let go of traditions that no longer work, but holds onto traditions that are practical and balanced. 

Aquarius--Transformation of society through wisdom. Sharing of resources. Revolutionary, progressive society. Using tax dollars to develop new technology to explore new frontiers (i.e. creating public transportation, space travel).

Pluto's Suggested Falls:

Capricorn--The breakdown of societal structures. Architecture dissolving. Weak structures. The destruction of "the patriarchy". Disorganized rebellion. 

Aries--Endless wars, destruction of society through selfishness and inability to work with other generations. 

Leo--"Mine, mine, mine". The "Me" Generation. Passionate and creative, but can be selfish and narcissistic. Like Pluto in Aries, does not play well with other generations. Inspirational leaders who evolved into controlling "kings".  

Where do you think the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) are exalted or in fall?

 Currently, astrologers don't have a consensus, but we can speculate. Pluto has been said to be exalted in Aries, as well. I like to look at both what was going on in the world during a particular Pluto transit. Pluto in Aries was a time of pioneering, but there were also Civil Wars. However, no one who was born with Pluto in Aries is alive today so it's hard to know. 

The Baby Boomer generation is always promoting Pluto in Leo as exalted.  However, Pluto in Leo only worked for people with Pluto in Leo.  For everyone else, 1939-1958 was not necessarily the best time to be alive (Dust bowl, depression, WWII, rise of fascism, Korean War, women had few rights, etc.)

Pluto is the one that is most difficult to place, but I'm leaning towards Pluto in Libra being exalted. This would be manifested in the "Ex-ennial" generation born between 1972-1984.  The Cold War peaked, but it was a relatively peaceful time to be alive. They have one foot in the analog world, and one foot in the digital world. They are more generous than the baby boomers (Pluto in Leo), less jaded than Gen-X (Pluto in Virgo) and not quite as angry or "screwed" as the Millennials (Pluto in Scorpio), and had access to more resources than Gen Z (Pluto in Sagittarius). 

More on detriment and dignities by Astrologer Steven Forrest here. Want to learn more about Astrology? Set up a time with me for an astrology lesson here.


There are so many misconceptions about Astrology. 

The one that gets the most traction (and gets on my nerves the most) is that your "sign" is no longer your "sign" in Astrology anymore. 

This misconception is so far-reaching, that even NASA has jumped on this inaccurate bandwagon in associating the position of the constellations with modern Astrology as a way to discredit Astrology. 

Now, I have no interest in proselytizing or converting non-believers into star-worshipping gurus.  However, if one is going to attempt to discredit astrology, one should get the facts about it right!

Western Astrology is NOT based on the position of planets within constellations! 

Western Astrology is based on the position of the planets within the SEASONS: The equinoxes and the solstices. 

Non-Astrologers are unaware, that there are THREE different Zodiacs used by both Astronomers and Astrologers: 

The Tropical Zodiac.

The Sidereal Zodiac.

The Constellation Zodiac.

Western Astrology is based on the Tropical Zodiac, which determines the seasons.  

The Sidereal Zodiac is based on the placement of the star Spica. 

The Constellation Zodiac is based on the positions of the constellations.

Fear not!  Your sign is your sign and it doesn't change under the Tropical Zodiac. Your sign is not based on the placement of Spica and your sign is not based on the placement of the constellations.


Not based on constellations.

Not based on just the Sun in the 12 "signs".

Not a generalization.

Not a superstition.

Not fortune-telling.

Not literal.

Not a religion.

Does not eliminate free-will.


Is a guide for life here on Earth.

Shows us our place within the cosmos.

Is based on the seasons.

Is the study of energy.

Is the study of "energetic weather".

Is the study of human responses to energy.

Is based on the concept "As above, so below".

Astrologers use the Tropical Zodiac, which is the same Zodiac Astronomers use to determine when the seasons begin.  Both Astrologers and Astronomers know that Ptolemy was wrong when he believed that the Earth was the center of the Universe.  However, Astronomers and Astrologers still use Ptolemy's accurate calculations to determine the Winter and Summer Solstices, and the Spring and Fall Equinoxes.

Want to learn more? Click here for an in-depth article on the three different zodiacs at Astrology.com  Want to learn how to read charts? Click on "about me" and let's set up a lesson time!

September 25, 2022: NEW MOON IN LIBRA.

New Moons usually represent new beginnings. However, this particular New Moon is asking us to go back and re-evaluate our older relationships, reconnect with long-lost friends and relatives, and renew the way we interact with, not just other people, but with the world as well. There is a nice earthy trine from Venus and Mercury in Retrograde to Pluto, which gives us the opportunity to completely change the way we organize our daily lives, which in turn improves our interpersonal relationships.

(Note: Photo is an A.I. rendering of "Venus in Libra" by Wonder).


Don't fear the Mercury Retrograde! We can't just keep going in one direction all the time without looking behind us at the lessons we've learned. Also, if you've been moving too fast, Mercury Retrograde gives you a chance to catch up on old projects and finish the unfinished.  Mercury goes Direct in the early hours of October 2nd and leaves his shadow on October 21st.  You will have the most success during this time if you focus on things which you have already started and begin with "Re":





















Dark versus light. Night versus day. We embrace both sides of ourselves during the Fall Equinox, when the Sun crosses over the equator and enters the signs of Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius.


Aquarius asks the question: Is the structure of our neighborhood/society/world inclusive of everyone?

It takes Saturn 30 years to travel around the sun.  Here are some events that have taken place during the last 100 years when Saturn visited Aquarius. 

1903-1906: The book "Souls of Black Folk," by W.E.B. Du Bois inspires the Black protest movement.  

1932-1935: Racial segregation enforced. State and Federal public welfare programs are born. 

1962-1964: The University of Mississippi riots inspire protests. The March on Washington occurs. Martin Luther King is prominent. Civil Rights Act signed. 

1991-1994:The Civil Rights Act of 1991 reinforces the principles of the Civil Rights Act Of 1964 and makes employment discrimination based on color, race, gender and religious creed illegal. First "viral" video of police brutality (Rodney King). L.A. Riots occur.

2020-2023: Black Lives Matter movement gains traction. George Floyd murdered on camera by police officer, Breonna Taylor killed while she slept by police officers, and Amhaud Arbery was murdered by neighborhood vigilantes while jogging: All three victims' murderers convicted. Juneteenth observed nationally. 


Of course, this is a generalization. What your favorite subjects in school would be, is related with what signs are ruling your 3rd house as well. Your 9th house might hint at your college major.  If you skipped college to study a trade, that might be more reflected in your 6th house. What you ultimately choose to do with your life is usually reflected in the 10th house.  The planet that rules the sign of your 10th house is how your life's choices tend to manifest. 


The original meaning of the word "Virgo" is: A woman not owned by, or belonging to, anyone.  Venus in Virgo would rather cook her own meals, clean her own home, and scrub her own toilets than have to live under someone else's rule, or listen to someone else "mansplaining" how she should live her life.  She tends to dress in a plain, unassuming way at times, because she finds it impractical to bring attention to herself. Don't mistake her practical ways as a lack of rebellion.  Venus in Virgo is nobody's bitch.

(Photo below: An A.I. rendition of "Venus in Virgo". 

Sun in Libra: Fall Equinox.

September 21, 2022: WELCOME AUTUMN EQUINOX!

It is the first day of Fall: Equal Light, Equal Dark.  The days get shorter and we begin to face the dark sides of ourselves. We are beginning this season with six retrograde planets. This autumn is one for looking inward and re-arranging things. We are re-evaluating what is really important to us until December 20th. It's a good time to go on a "money diet", meditate, and reconnect with old love ones.

Pluto in Capicorn


Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2009, forcing us to rebuild old structures in our lives that are no longer working.  The newest generation, "Gen I" (I= the generation born in the information age) is born between 2009 and now. They are the old souls of the zodiac and will have to rebuild the structures (physical, administrative and corporate structures) that hold society together.

Pluto is the energy of your Generation. Which Generation were you born into?

Pluto in Gemini 1884-1912/14: "The Greatest Generation"=Warriors, innovators of communication (telephone, radio).

Pluto in Cancer 1912/14-1938: "The Silent Generation"=Traditionalist (changed the meaning of "home" suburbs, housewives). 

Pluto in Leo 1938-1958/60: "The Baby Boomers"=The "me" generation, creative, egotistical. The "kings", "rock stars", and "inner child" of the zodiac.

Pluto in Virgo 1958/60-1972: "Generation X"=The "forgotten" generation, latch key kids, jaded. Gen-X craved the practicality and simplicity that their Boomer parents de-valued. 

Pluto in Libra 1972-1984: "Ex-Enniels"=The "balanced" generation: one foot in the analog world, one foot in the digital world.  Not as jaded as Gen-X, not a angry as Millennials. Understands social networking and "side-gigs".

Pluto in Scorpio 1984-1996: "Millennials"=The "transformative" generation, suffering the unintended consequences of the Pluto in Leo generation (Leo squares Scorpio), they are the generation that brings the darkness to light in order to destroy and eliminate what is no longer good for society. 

Pluto in Sagittarius 1996-2009: "Gen-Z"=The travelers and publicists of the zodiac, they will be living in their tiny houses in a nomadic way to avoid unlivable seasonal climates, and publicize their lives on social media. They bring optimistic ideas for change to the table.

Pluto in Capricorn 2009-2023: "Gen I"=They are the old souls of the Zodiac and will have to rebuild the planet. The last Pluto in Capricorn Generation was born 1762-1777, the same generation as the birth of the United States. 

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