So, I woke up this morning feeling a very strange energy.  I just couldn't go back to sleep.  

So, I looked out the window, there was the HUGEST black bear I'd ever seen, just hanging out in the front yard!  Okay, I don't live in a rural area at all, whatsoever!  I live in a highly populated suburb in New Jersey outside of Manhattan.  And, while it's not completely unheard of to see a bear around here, it is still rare! And this was the first time (after living in NJ for over 30 years) that I'd ever seen one walking around like that up close!

Of course, being an Astrologer in the midst of an eclipse period, I had to look up the symbolism of it all.  Because, you know, I believe eclipse periods are when the Universe is trying to tell us something!  So, in honor of that, I try to remain open (even if it seems like I have a slight case of OCD and a habit of reading into things!)

However, with Mercury, my ruling planet, currently conjunct the Pleiades at the time of the bear sighting (6/2/11@10:57 am EDT), I'm just making sure I don't turn a blind eye to anything (especially not a bear!)

When I looked up the symbolism of the bear, I came up with:
"A bear totem or spirit guide symbolizes great strength, security and determination for the Shaman."  Also associated with spiritual healing, intuition, strength and protection."

"The Black bear is a practical power animal, discerning and wise, less aggressive and more discreet than the Brown Bear. A well balanced, helpful and warm companion on shamanic journeys."

(Well, that's interesting, because this morning, an old friend showed up in a dream.  He happens to be a Shaman.)

So, I contacted my Shaman friend.  His first response was "What was I doing in your dream? Nothing illegal I hope".  But, he also shared with me that the Bear represents "introspection".  A lot of that going on, ever since I deleted my facebook (aka facecrack) page.  (Who has time for introspection when you're busy IM-ing on the internet?)

So, time to get introspective, and in honor of Pleiades, not turning a blind eye to anything during the eclipse period!

Quotes are from:

P.S. Unfortunately, this is not a picture of the bear I saw.  He sauntered over the neighbor's fence before I could get my camera on.  It is an example of the black bears seen in more rural areas of N.J.  This picture was apparently taken in Vernon, N.J.  Photographer unknown.