#Saturn = Responsibility, boundaries, reality, adulthood, traditions, structures, systems, discipline, authority
#Aquarius = Societies, associates, friends, acquaintances, enlightenment, understanding, detachment, awakening, technology, geniuses, science 

The first day of spring came early this year! And today is the first new moon of the Spring! Spring usually begins on March 21st, but the Sun just couldn't wait that long this year.  When the Sun enters the Spring equinox, that is when the astrological new year begins, at 0 degrees Aries.

Saturn entered Aquarius this weekend for the first time since February of 1991. What shift happened in 
#February1991 that you relate to/is significant now? New friends? Enlightenment? Manifestations of dreams through hard work?

Saturn rules responsibility, human limitations, traditions and the past.  Aquarius rules freedom, technology that goes beyond our human limitations and the future.  How can we use our past experiences, maturity, and sense of responsibility to enlighten ourselves and rise beyond our limitations?
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