What is moon water and why are we making moon water?

·       The time of the full moon is when we see things in a new light, and following the full moon, we need to cast off what we don’t need anymore, so we have room in two weeks to take new things on during the new moon.

What do we use moon water for?

  • ·       To clean our crystals so they are free of past energies

  • ·       Put it in a spray bottle and spray the room to clear the energy

  • ·       To drink and clear stagnant energy from your body to recharge and empower you with the energy of the full moon:  use it in smoothies and teas

  • ·       Add to your bathwater

  • ·       Water your plants with it

  • ·       Put it in your pets' water dish as a blessing

  • ·       If you use an essential oil diffuser, use it for that

How to make moon water

  • ·       Any container or jar will do, but glass is preferable.  I use mason jars.  And you can make as much of this as you want.

  • ·       Use filtered, clean water, free from fluoride or chlorine or other toxins.

  • ·       Fill glass containers with filtered water and cover with cap

  • ·       Now, you can use a smudging herb of your choice, like sage or bay leaves, or just hold the jar in your hands and say:  “I WISH TO RELEASE _____ AND I INVITE AN ABUNDANCE OF ______”  Say your intention out loud.

  • ·       If possible, place the covered jar somewhere the moonlight can reach it. It can be in your window, outside in the moonlight.  But if you can’t put it directly in the moonlight, it will still absorb the energy of the moon.

  • ·       If you have any healing stones or crystals, you can also place them on or around the jars

  • ·       You can day this the day before, the day of, or the day after the full moon

  • ·       This can also be done on the new moon