This one is about your ego versus what is good for humanity, your pride versus altruism, your children versus other people's children. It is about recognizing your unique gifts, but understanding they are meant for you to give them away. It is about contributing your unique individual gifts to society, and committing to a slow process. What gifts do you have to offer to make your society a better place?

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The Moon will be full at 9 degrees Leo.
It will oppose Saturn in Aquarius,
Square Uranus in Taurus
Oppose Jupiter in Aquarius
Then square Mars in Taurus

On Friday, it will oppose Mercury before going void of course
Mercury goes retrograde on Saturday

Leo: My children, my "pride", my ego, my creative force, my romance, my drama, my loyalty
Aquarius: Other people's children, dreams of humanity, society as a whole, altruism, detachment, enlightenment, rude awakenings, sudden insight, Clarity.

All planets are still answering to Saturn in Aquarius:
Respond, response, responsibility, consequences instead of reacting, reaction, reactivity, impulsivity.