Who will win the 2020 US presidential election? 

I'm predicting Biden. In 2016, the Sagittarius energy and moon in Aquarius seemed like "an unexpected surprise" on election day, which I correctly predicted to be a Donald Trump win in 2016.

Back in February of this year, When I initially looked at the energy of election 2020 I saw echoes of a repeat of the election of 2000, and predominately "yang" rather than yin energy. I saw arguments and recounting of votes again. I still predict the official announcement of who wins the election won't be made until after November 13th. 

 The general public tends to act through the moon, and the moon in Gemini on November 3rd seems initially to favor Trump again. BUT....!

Looking deeper, Mars went retro on September 9th, a few weeks after Biden officially announced his candidacy, and a things started shifting in a different direction.

The energy has been going in Biden's direction, and it will keep going in his direction until after the election is over. Mars is the ruler of Biden's Sun sign, and the ruler of Harris's Moon.

In addition, Mercury stations direct at 25 Libra conjunct Harris's Sun at 27 Libra on election day.

Trump is being challenged by the Capricorn Cluster. All three planets (Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn) are opposing his Saturn in Cancer. Saturn is stationing to go direct as we speak.

Saturn is dignified in Capricorn, but in detriment in Cancer. It is the planet of responsibility, accountability, adulting, career, structures, maturity, reality, human limitations and mortality. It is where we create healthy boundaries as well as where we recognize what our limitations are. It is a wise, conservative, prudent grandfather.

Those same Capricorn planets are working in harmony with Biden and Harris's charts.

Whoever wins the election, according to Saturn, is a reflection of our own values and personal responsibility. Who will represent us the best? Whoever we vote for, is the person we are giving our power away to. So choose wisely! 

Chart for Election Day at the Moment Mercury Goes Direct in Washington, DC 11-23-2020 12:50 pm

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