Full Moon in Cancer on December 25th.

The Full Moon on December 25th is all about CHANGE.  And while this change is inevitably for the best, just like two sticks rubbing together to create a fire, the friction necessary to create the fire can also be challenging and irritating. 

There is a sense of insecurity, that after all that hard work, once you’ve finally gotten the fire burning, a slight wind could blow the whole thing out, or burst your bubble!

Why does this full moon feel so uncertain? Full moons are notorious for creating bursts of karmic energy.   But, this full moon in particular is really packing some electricity, as Uranus (the planet that rules our 7th chakra, detachment, electricity, bursts of enlightenment, and sudden unexpected changes) is slowing down to turn direct on December 25th with the full moon!

Uranus went retrograde on July 26th at 20 degrees Aries.  In what ways did you start re-evaluating your independence then?  In what ways were you looking for change? 

Uranus will turn direct at 17 degrees Aries on Christmas Day, and whatever inspired you this summer, your independent eccentric side is ready to make that inspired vision come alive.

Be careful, though!  When water and electricity combine, it can be pretty dangerous!  The Sun in Capricorn and Saturn in Sagittarius want us to create healthy structures and realistic boundaries to support our goals and visions.

So ground yourself this holiday season, and get ready to initiate some big changes in 2016!