The second eclipse of the summer is drawing near!  As I mentioned earlier, these eclipses are a little different, because they are coming in a group of three.  Usually, we only get two in a row, two weeks apart: one would be solar (new moon) and the other lunar (full moon). This year, we have a solar, a lunar, then another solar.

Many people may feel their radar is off or wacky during eclipse periods.  (I know that black bear I saw wandering through the yard last week had his radar off!)  We may feel the need to take immediate action, do something about our situation right now! But, it is best to wait and the let eclipses reveal everything to us first, so that we have all the necessary information we need before we make a change.

The next eclipse, a lunar eclipse (full moon) backs this up, as full moons are "revealing" moons, harvesting and reaping what we have sown.

The Sabian Symbol for 24.30 degrees (25) Sagittarius is: "A chubby boy on a hobby horse".

The meaning: "You may feel that what you are doing is necessary, but it's not quite yet the real thing."  This is just the beginning, it's a great opportunity for experience that will eventually lead to the real thing!  Stay humble, and keep working in the direction you are going towards.  Eventually, you may have to prove yourself in a more rigorous manner.  Eventually, you will be doing "the real thing".  This is a preparation time!

For me, the most uncomfortable thing about eclipses is trying to "let go" and roll with what happens, rather than run away kicking and screaming.  Many of us find, during eclipses, we recognize we might be in a situation that is not working for us anymore.  It makes us uncomfortable to give up the "known", even when we know in our gut it is the right thing to do. However, in this case, it could be uncomfortable to stay where we are and be patient as we prepare for the upcoming changes we know are about to take place.