Sunday, January 10, 2016:  Mercury Retrograde Aquarius/Capricorn

Mercury went retrograde on Tuesday, January 5th, starting off in enlightened Aquarius.  So, the retrograde seemed like it might not be such a challenging one, initially.  We started off with these really ingenious, progressive, amazing, forward thinking ideas! Revolution, freedom, and enlightenment! You got into that new rocket ship you invented and everything, ready to go!

...But, then Mercury slid back into realistic, earthy Capricorn yesterday, and you had to ask yourself: Did you remember to bring snacks and toilet paper on your rocket ship?

"Maybe I should have brought a jacket with me..."

The ongoing theme since Saturn went back into Sagittarius this past September has been "How can I create a realistic structure to support my Grand, Abundant, Optimistic vision??

Mercury is not saying we need to abandon our great ideas at all!  He just wants us to be realistic about it.  We need to continue to create healthy structures and boundaries, and re-evaluate where we can make things stronger, sturdier, and able to withstand reality in our lives. 

This may not feel like the warmest, fuzziest energy, but it's necessary for us to create these structures (whether they are tangible boundaries, or merely personal boundaries) in order to maintain our dreams.

The symbol of Capricorn is the Goat Scaling a Vertical Mountain.

The Goat's dream is to reach the top of the mountain.  It looks unrealistic and insurmountable, and it seems like he is using magic to levitate to the top, but he's not.  The Goat uses his strength, smarts, and hooves to get there. 

Capricorn energy is not a "feeling" energy.  "Feelings" are not practical or realistic to Capricorn, so we are being asked to put our emotions aside to get things done. 

But it's only temporary!  Mercury Goes direct on January 25th.  It is then that we will be ready to put that vision forward, having re-evaluated our boundaries and limitations, the way we communicate with others, and realizing what the reality of making your dreams come true will take.

The Universe believes in your dreams and visions.  Capricorn will help you make them a reality, if you are willing to do the work!!!