Moon in Pisces Trine Saturn in Scorpio, Saturn Trine Mars in Cancer, Mars Trine Moon in Pisces...

A little good luck goddess energy to start out the week.

Moon in Pisces is the Energy of compassion, intuition, empathy.
Saturn in Scorpio is the Energy of boundaries, accepting what one can't control, reality.
Mars in Cancer is the Energy of the physical manifestation of our emotions.

These three energies are working in harmony today, helped along by Venus in Leo conjunct lucky Jupiter in Leo.  Will is strong, but hearts are open.  The grand trine gives us an opportunity to create something positive.

Moon in Pisces Trine Mars in Cancer

Your intuituion is strong.  Trust what your physical body is telling you.  It is a good time to get things done.  Use physical activity to create emotional balance.  

Mars in Cancer Trine Saturn in Scorpio

Establish and honor healthy boundaries.  This energy gives us the ability to understand emotions objectively and on a deeper level (Mars in Cancer/Saturn in Scorpio).

Moon Trine Saturn: 

Balancing of reality and intuition.  Ability to manifest creative ideas into art, music, compassion and healing.  Good energy for solving problems intuitively, while still honoring boundaries.