"Don't tell me anything bad or negative!"  a lot of  my clients request. Others ask "Are retrogrades inherently bad?" 

So I'll give you the answer I gave to my last client who asked this.

Yes and No. Retrogrades are not inherently bad, but they are bad for SOME things.

Like Home Depot. 

Is Home Depot inherently bad? 

Well, if you are hungry and want to eat, Home Depot is probably not the greatest place to go.  Sure, they have some candy bars you can grab on the way out.  But, if you need food, you're better off going to Whole Food Market or Shop Rite. 

"Why can't I find any organic hummus and pita bread in this place?"

Likewise, you wouldn't go to Whole Foods Market to buy a can of paint. 

"Yeah, hi Greg.  They don't seem to have any hammers or saws here."

However, if you want to redecorate, reorganize and renovate, Home Depot is the place to be! Same thing with retrogrades.

So, Home Depot, like retrogrades, are good for some things, and bad for others.

When Venus, Mars or Mercury are retrograde, it's not a time to go out and start a brand new project: open a brand new business, get married, meet your soul mate for the first time, etc.  It's better to go back to older projects that you may have been ignoring that need finishing up, reconnect with people from your past, reorganize your file cabinet, and re-arrange your furniture. Honestly, all things Home Depot tend to go well under mercury (or venus or mars) retrograde: Renovating, re-evaluating, re-organizing, re-finishing...or just doing those things that you have been saying you would do forever, but haven't, like "I need to finish that book I've been meaning to write." or "I need to call my Grandma who I haven't spoken to in months".

So, next time you hear Mercury or Venus or Mars is retrograde, don't get all aggravated, freaked out and scared.  Yes, you may have trouble getting certain things done, and you're probably not going to meet your soul mate until things move forward in a couple of weeks. But if you slow down and back up a little, there are other activities that are actually favored during retrograde periods.  Finish up projects, fix things, reorganize your life, end bad relationships and re-evaluate other relationships that deserve a second look during retrogrades.

But, don't expect to eat an arugula salad while you're at Home Depot.