Even though we are still mulling things over, and reviewing and re-reviewing things under Mercury retrograde and the shadow of the Eclipse last weekend, Mars is encouraging us to take action with something brand new.

BUT in order to bring this new energy into your life, something has got to go. It might be a bad habit or behavior, a thought pattern, a relationship, a job, a false belief about yourself. Mars entered Aries on June 29th and will be there until the beginning January 2021.  Mercury goes direct on July 12th. 

What is it you no longer want to do?? What do you want to do instead?

Is there a thought pattern, habit, or situation that needs to be released in order for this to happen??

The moon is waning, so it's a great time to release something....clean house, minimize, detoxify your body and your life. . . . 🌠