After the New Moon in Scorpio on Tuesday....


November 12, 2015:  Scorpio energy isn't always the easiest to deal with. It's either black or white when dealing with this intense, passionate, sultry sign.


Scorpio can be a little paranoid, but it also can help us separate the reality of what we can control from that which we have no control over.  When we focus too hard on what we have no control over, we give up our personal power.   We take our power back when we recognize what we can't control, and let it go!


The best manifestation of Scorpio, is when we allow this energy to transform us from our past, like a phoenix rising from the ashes.


Also significant right now, is Saturn's recent return to optimistic Sagittarius. 


These energies combined are asking us to live our truth, even when it's the more difficult choice to make.