Jupiter, the planet of expansion, spirituality, and good luck, has left the sign of Leo (Fun, Romance, and Creativity), where it had been since July of 2014, and has now entered Virgo, the sign of details, routines, organizing, and practicality.  This energy often manifests as “Party’s over. Time to clean up!”  So, you may be feeling like a "party", romance, creative endeavor or other fun project that started last July is being analyzed, is changing as you work out the details, or may be coming to an end.

Jupiter’s best qualities are not necessarily energized when he’s in the sign of Virgo.  But, don’t fear!  There is an upside to Jupiter in Virgo. 

While Jupiter tends to make too big of a deal about the details, and can be a little criticizing and judgmental in this placement, Jupiter in Virgo can also help us see how the details make up the big picture, and how to balance out our spiritual lives with our practical routines.  

Jupiter in Virgo may be helping you working out the details of your creative, romantic, or leadership-based "project" which you started last July, as he is working towards balance in Libra, (where he will be in September of 2016).

Jupiter is the classic ruler of Pisces, the energy of the intangible, and where we like to escape from reality.  Jupiter also rules Sagittarius: travel to foreign cultures, higher learning, and expanding our belief systems.

Those who are Virgos, Virgo Moons or Virgo Risings will still be feeling the love and will gain recognition for their efforts and hard work between now and September of 2016. Sagittarians could feel a little uncomfortable, and Pisceans may feel like it’s easy for them to organize their sh*t for a change, but may feel like escaping from reality is not as easy is usual during this time for them.  (Or, they may find that the only escape from reality they have is to pick up the crap all over their apartments, organize and fix things, and clean the bathroom).

We all need a healthy escape every now and then which doesn't involve housework.  Pisceans and Sagittarians, in particular, will need to find practical ways to fit an escape from reality into their routines, which involves something other than folding laundry all by themselves.

Because Jupiter is approaching an opposition to Neptune in Pisces, we are being asked to find a balance between our practical worlds and our need to escape.  We need to look at how there mere act of organizing the details can help us expand; how being practical about certain things can bring prosperity to other parts of our lives.

Escaping from reality can actually be a practical thing, too.  We can make escaping from reality part of our routines, whether it’s through travel, meditation, vacation, art, music, religion, or exchanging some of our impractical and unhealthy habits for more positive habits. 

Let Jupiter in Virgo help you work through the details to expand your horizons, and to find a practical way to escape from reality every now and then!