From January 8th until February 5th, we experienced a rare short period in time when all the planets were moving direct.
The Universe allowed you to go full speed ahead, whether you were ready for it or not!  

But, now it is "re-evaluation time" once again, as Jupiter, the planet of prosperity, open-mindedness, optimism, travel, and good fortune turned retrograde on Sunday February 5th at 23 degrees Libra, the sign of balance, relationships, marriages, business deals, diplomacy, contracts, peace, and agreements.

What does this mean? To get an idea of where this planetary movement may be affecting you, take a look at what was going on with you during the week leading up and around the full moon of October 16th, 2016.

The events which took place during that full moon could give you an idea of what areas of your life you may need to create more balance, and which relationships are worth salvaging, and which ones no longer work for you.  This not only pertains to personal relationships, but also business contracts, mortgages, and other "agreements".  What "relationships and agreements" in your life need to be changed in order for you to find balance?

Jupiter will be in retrograde motion until June 8th.  All this means is, the Universe is giving you some time to really look at the big picture and make changes.  There's no rush! Remember, this energy is about finding balance!

The stars aren't done yet! We also have two eclipses coming up...

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on February 11th takes place at 22 degrees Leo.  The Sun, which represents the ego, will be in Aquarius, giving us the ability to detach and evaluate our lives from a higher perspective, but it can also show us where we can afford to open our hearts more and allow ourselves to experience love and romance.

 The eclipse in Leo is trying to teach us to be brave: it takes bravery to allow yourself to experience your true emotions, it takes bravery to love with an open heart, and it takes bravery to admit where we are vulnerable, in order to truly connect with our inner will-power and strength.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse takes place on February 26th at 8 degrees Pisces.  It is the opposite sign of Virgo, which is the energy of "a woman owned by no man".  Virgo represents where we remain practical and diligent in our lives so that we don't have to be a "slave" to the mundane.  Virgo wants us to have healthy daily living habits, so we have time to nurture our spiritual lives.

However, this particular eclipse may be even more challenging than even the most diligent Virgo could prepare for.  The energy of the week of February 20th-27th is confused, scattered, and not in touch with reality.  

The worst manifestation of Pisces energy without the support of Virgo is denial, shape-shifting, dishonesty, delusions.


The best manifestation of Pisces energy is healing, unconditional love, spirituality, and the energy of "the savior".  

It is going to be more important than ever that you find the "spiritual gangster" within yourself that week.  

Stay grounded, meditate, eat healthy, get plenty of rest.  Lay low, wait to make any important life decisions until the first week of March (however, Venus-related issues, such as marriages and monetary dealings, should be kept on hold until after you've paid your taxes on April 15th).

Give yourself plenty of downtime the last two weeks of February.  Surround yourself with like-minded people who believe in the healing power of love. The Universe may be calling on you to do some healing work, so be prepared!