This astrologer has admittedly been hiding under a rock since about March.  No doubt, you have felt it, too! 

2016 has turned out to be a year full of re-arranging and transforming.  We are being challenged by the Universe to become the strongest, greatest, and best versions of ourselves, and it hasn't been easy.

While It's not completely over yet, today, we get a little break as Mars finally goes direct this evening at 23 degrees Scorpio.  The last time Mars was at this degree was February 18-21st. What was going on in your life the second and third weeks of February? What changes were you forced to make? 

If you feel you are in the process of transforming right now, you can probably trace these changes you are making in your life right now, back to February.

Mars rules our own personal power, both our physical and intangible powers.  Scorpio asks us to admit what we have no control over, so that we can focus on what we do have power over.  Scorpio has a hard time letting go.  Scorpio does not like to admit what she is powerless over. 

We cannot always manipulate things outside of ourselves to go the way we think we want them to.  We must admit what we are powerless over, but this does not mean accepting defeat or giving up.

It means we must dig deep into ourselves to find the most powerful version of ourselves.

Letting go of what we don't have power over does require a lot of faith: Faith in the Universe that we will get what we need when we let go of what is no longer working for us.

It also means, accepting what we are vulnerable over, and living our lives in spite of it. Embracing our vulnerabilities leads to taming the beast within.

We will continue to experience this energy, though it will feel less blocked as Mars is direct, through August 2nd.  Then, Mars will finally re-enter Sagittarius.  Sagittarius thrives on change and letting go.  Sagittarius is hopeful and optimistic about the future.  Mars was last in Sagittarius on March 7th.  Think back to those dates to get an idea of what will be coming full circle for you in August.

Saturn is still retrograde in Sagittarius until August 12th, and then we have a pretty powerful full moon, almost having the energy of a "mini-eclipse" coming up on August 18th, followed by two more "actual eclipses", and Mercury retrograde in September.

Yes, it's a lot.  The Universe really is demanding a big transformation from all of us.  Use this Mars direct energy to begin moving forward with "letting go", and as you let go of what you cannot control, watch your life begin to move forward in a new direction as you rise up!