#Mercury is direct, but still in one of his least favorite signs,#Pisces, until April 12th.

Mercury rules our logical minds, how we take in and process information, how we communicate with others, and it also rules our daily life routines, health routines, cleaning and organizing routines, and exercise and eating habits.  In Pisces, we tend to be confused about what is logical and what isn't.  It is a better energy for thinking and listening than it is for speaking. It is a time to spend alone with ourselves and meditate the meaning of life.

When Mercury enters Aries on April 12th, we feel clearer and that could lead to us speaking or acting on what we think we know impulsively. However, don't expect anything to return to "normal" anytime soon. 

With Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius now, we are being asked to evolve and transcend old ideas and values that no longer serve us well as a society, and we must find new ways of living together as a society and on the planet.  Cultural changes are in order.

By April 18th, we hopefully will have a better understanding of things when Venus is in Harmony with Mercury, and in mercury's home sign of Gemini, and can put more  logical thoughts into action.

But, when #mercuryisinpisces the Universe wants us to listen more than we speak, to turn inward, to contemplate spirituality, pray and meditate. Mercury in Pisces is a time to keep our mouths shut & our hearts open, and to find solitude and compassion for ourselves and others. It is a time to drop out of public sight and clean out our proverbial closets.