Mercury in's not always easy to say what you really want to. We are painfully aware of how the things we say with good intentions can be misinterpreted or turned against us. Sometimes, when we put ourselves out there to show we care, we might not always be appreciated. Sometimes, we get the courage to say something, only to be left feeling ignored.

But, are our intentions with what we say pure, or are we trying to elicit and manipulate a response with what we are saying, or not saying?

Mercury in Scorpio asks us to speak with our truest intentions, but not everything needs to be said with words. Mercury in Scorpio can also make us feel like it's safer to isolate ourselves and keep everything in, but it's important to try to recognize and appreciate those who are overcoming fear to reach out and stay in touch.  Even those who usually find it  easy to communicate freely, may find themselves second guessing their words and afraid to reach out while Mercury is in this vulnerable sign. 

Mercury in Scorpio can transform the way we communicate, if we let it.