Mercury went retrograde at the last degree (29) of Virgo on Tuesday, August 30th.  And this morning, there was a New Moon eclipse at 9 degrees Virgo. 

All this Virgo energy supports re-organizing the details of our lives.  We need to be diligent with our diet, exercise, housekeeping and budgeting routines in order to have the time and money we need to live the lives we want to live, and to live "our truth".

The original meaning of Virgo is "A woman owned by no man."  In modern day translation, the energy of Virgo is "Nobody's Bitch".  This is because she plants her own seeds, takes care of her own harvest, plans for the winter, and counts ahead.

She does these things so that she does not have to rely on anyone else to enjoy the life she really wants to live.

The energy between now and September 22nd is best for continuing to hash out and re-evaluate the details of projects already set in motion, and make the necessary changes for success.  Wait until after the 22nd to add anything new to your plate.  You have enough going on right now.

Any projects sitting on the shelf collecting dust?  Need to change your lifestyle habits?  Too many trips to Dunkin' Donuts? Is your savings account a joke?  Is there any actual food in your diet? Need to re-arrange your filing cabinets?  Mercury retrograde in Virgo is the perfect time to do it!

Have you been in denial about lifestyle habits of yours that no longer serve you? Where in your life is a lack of practicality holding you back?  The period between now and the Full Moon eclipse on September 16th should uncover exactly where and how we can be more practical, and where changes need to be made will be revealed.

Don't let your bad habits control you, and make you their "bitch".  Plant your own seeds and enjoy your own harvest.