It's been forever since I've written a blog! Mercury retrograde is the perfect time to go back, so here I am!!!

Mercury went retrograde in Cancer on June 7th, asking us to re-evaluate how we communicate our feelings, and had us re-evaluating all of our feelings in general.

Today, Mercury dips back into Gemini, a more logical energy, giving us a chance to re-express ourselves, particularly if you said something last month you wish you could take back. Mercury retrograde is an excellent energy for ending things and letting go of things that no longer serve us. It's also a great energy to use to finish up old projects which were started before June 7th.

Now is not the time to make new plans or sign new contracts or make important plans. Things could change.  You could change your mind.  So keep meditating, and letting go.

Now is the time to get all your ducks in a row now. A prosperous, forward-moving change awaits in July.