So, I'm just posting to let everyone know I just completed my first week of nursing school!  No, this is actual nursing school now. No pre-nursing, pre-requisites anymore.  The real deal.  It is as time-consuming as I thought it would be, so if I'm hard to reach or don't respond to an e-mail right away, I promise I'm not avoiding you!

That being said, it may be awhile until I have a chance to post about the astrological happenings on my blog, and I probably won't be available to do readings until after the holidays (though it never hurts to ask!) 

Just wanted to let everyone know, in case it seems like I am MIA!!  You might find me under a large stack of books, or perhaps I'm giving a bed bath to a manikin in the Nursing Lab, practicing hospital corners, or playing with various thermometers, or I might be practicing taking vital signs on my Husband.  All are possibilities...

**Note: My actual stack of books is much larger than the one in the above photo.