Monday May 24, 2010

Jupiter in Pisces Opposite Saturn Retrograde in Virgo:

Saturn is retrograde, back in Virgo and opposing Jupiter in Pisces exactly today. Are you re-evaluating the importance

of boundaries and how all the little details affect the big picture?

It's saying if we want Utopia (Jupiter in Pisces), we need to take responsibility for the details and create rules,

 regulations and boundaries (Saturn in Virgo).

The oil spill in the Gulf comes to mind.  The party is over. It's time to admit, we're all addicts.  We can't party

on drugs every day without it catching up with us.  Our drug is oil.  It's time to clean up this mess. 

Create practical solutions (Virgo) and limitations and boundaries (Saturn) and find a balance between reality

and Heaven (Jupiter in Pisces).

 Hard work meets Utopia = American Pioneers on the Frontier.  Working hard, but it's all theirs.

Is this the result of an imbalance between Saturn in Virgo and Jupiter in Pisces?

Which eventually led to this BIG problem...

 Can we find a balance between this....

 ...and this?

 It might look something like this....

 ...And This...