The rough retrograde has passed, and the planets are still shifting and forcing us to change and evolve as always.  But, for today, we have a nice moon in Libra, helping us find balance in our personal lives and in our relationships. 

Venus and Jupiter are complimenting this energy in fun, romantic Leo!  This energy is great for recreation and vacation.  But, it is also great for generating some much needed income, having Venus involved, think "abundance" of your heart's desires.  Leo helps us tap into our leadership roles, boosts our self-esteem, and next to Venus, helps us lead from the heart.

The Sun in intuitive Cancer is applying a trine to empathic Neptune in Pisces.  This is a time to take your leadership skills to the next level, and make your vision of the future clear.  Whether it's a new relationship with a romantic interest, with money, or with your career, The Universe will help you put it into action!