Hey, just a little "Heads UP" everyone!  Be prepared for a short challenge today! 

Looks like the moon is approaching "caput algol" that fixed star that likes to make everyone "lose their heads" as part of a frustrating T-square involving that Jupiter/Venus conjunction (which is a really positive energy, and should negate some of caput algol's energy), and Saturn retrograde in Scorpio. 

While this energy can feel frustrating, it's often the type of energy that pushes us--and sometimes forces us--outside of our comfort zones so we can elevate ourselves to the next level.

So , it's just One last little push before we all go "back in time" and re-evaluate the big picture of romance and relationships, When Venus goes retrograde in Leo on July 25th.  Like I mentioned a few days ago, take a look at where your Venus is and honor what you find valuable, even if it's challenging to do so (Moon in Taurus, square Venus in Leo), and not what society tells you is valuable (Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio).

And try not to "lose your head" today!

Venus in Aries: I want action and I don't want to share.
Venus in Taurus: I want someone rich, beautiful and grounded.

Venus in Gemini: I want a good conversation.
Venus in Cancer: I want to be nurtured.
Venus in Leo: I want romance!
Venus in Virgo: I want someone practical.
Venus in Libra: I want a fair and balanced partnership.
Venus in Scorpio: I want dark, deep and dangerous.
Venus in Sagittarius: I want an adventure!
Venus in Capricorn: I want the CEO.
Venus in Aquarius: I love everyone in general, but no one in particular.
Venus in Pisces: I want to love and be loved unconditionally.