The Earth provides everything we need, and has never asked us for a thing in return.  And yet #uranusintaurus is showing us that most earthlings still believe that money provides everything they need. 

Money is an illusion, created by humans.  It is nothing but a symbol, representing cultural worth.  It is a made up thing that can be rendered useless by mother earth if she wants to. 

In less than two months, after forcing us to go to our rooms to reevaluate what is important,  the air pollution has reversed up to 30 years and the animals are frolicking.  Yet a small number of earthlings are resisting this opportunity to become enlightened by focusing on the short term. 

We are not ready to move forward yet.  Saturn goes retrograde on Friday April 24th to re-remind us of our human limitations again. 

The stars agree with what the scientists and public health experts are saying. Some people are trying to go "back to normal" too soon.  With #Saturn going retrograde and back into #Capricorn, we are "going back" to something, that's true!  It looks like the virus will return due to a small number of earthlings valuing short term crap over humanity, and we we will see another wave of this until the planets go direct and we are done with this year's eclipses, around Christmas. 

I am just the messenger, and This is not a dress rehearsal. 

Please use this unique time in history to respect all living beings and honor your blessings!!  We were born at the right time, in the right space, with the Earth just the right distance away from the Sun in order for us to exist.  Let's honor that.