There's a new moon in Gemini, so I'm looking for new ways to share my love of Astrology!

I'll be posting astrology videos on my YouTube page...Starting with the New Moon in Gemini!

Watch my First Astrology video on my YouTube channel about this week's New Moon in Gemini... 

New moons mark a new one-month period where we can hit the reset button and start over.

The New moon in Gemini is about changing the way we think, speak, listen, communicate, text, tweet, learn, write, post, talk... A great time to learn something new. (Hunter learned something new yesterday. He learned how to herd sheep!! And we found a new hiking trail.) Personally, I had to stop watching the news and I suspended my facebook account until I figure out my new way of Gemini-ing things. 

The previous #newmoonintaurus which was conjunct #caputalgol marks the next seven years with #uranusintaurus as the most challenging period that humans deal with every 75-80 years. It is important that we look back on the lessons learned from 1938-1946 so we don't repeat these mistakes. 

People are reevaluating what they have held important, (particularly since August of 1999). Caput Algol can cast a shadow on our thoughts during this time. We look for ways to be honest in our thinking, while keeping our minds steady.

Other things ruled by Gemini: shoulders, arms, wrists, blogs, magazines, newspapers, telephones, cell phones, internet chatter, gossip, duality, doubles, twins, duplicates, multiples, grammar school, relatives, neighbors, the planet Mercury.