Here we go again!!!! This is not the first time I've posted about this, and I'm guessing it won't be the last! Just see my old blogs from summer of 2016!

Every couple years or so, one of my friends or clients sends me one of these articles in a panic stating
NASA changed their astrology sign!"  The reasoning is that, because the constellations have shifted, so has their astrological sign.

Let me make this clear: Your astrological sign did not change!!! It did not change because it is not, I repeat, NOT based on the constellations!!!! Your astrological sign is based on where the Sun and Earth are positioned in the solar system regarding seasons.

Aries, the sign NOT the constellation, ALWAYS falls on the spring equinox and the first 30 days of spring, Taurus is the 2nd 30 days of spring, and Gemini is the last 30 days of spring.

Cancer ALWAYS falls on the summer soltice, followed by Leo and Virgo...etc . .

Libra ALWAYS falls on the Fall equinox, and Capricorn ALWAYS falls on the first day of winter.

Now, there IS a practice of Eastern/Indian astrology that does follow the constellations and not seasons. This is called "Vedic Astrology" and is a completely different practice of astrology.

There are two types of zodiac charts which measure a year: Sidereal and Tropical.  In the Astrology that we are most familiar with (i.e. in newspaper horoscopes and compatibility blogs) signs are based on the Tropical Zodiac which is based on seasons, as proposed by Ptolemy, not the Sidereal Zodiac, which is based on the constellations. 

So, fear not. Your astrology sign has not changed. My only wish is that those who wish to disparage astrology would learn to speak the language because whenever I see one of these memes or headlines, it reminds me of being in grammar school and someone says "algebra is stupid" because they don't understand it.  Learn it first, at the very least.