So, hopefully you're surviving this eclipse period!  It's not really the eclipse "doing this", keep in mind, but your own energies, your own life force saying "Okay, I'm ready to have the truth revealed, even if the truth is disappointing to me." 

Can you relate to the fat boy on the hobby horse?  The eclipse on July 15th was saying that this is just a dress rehearsal. The real thing is coming, and the third and final eclipse this summer backs it up. 

On July 1 at 4:54 am eastern time, our third eclipse of this series hits us at 9 degrees, 12 minutes Cancer. The Sabian Symbol for 9 Cancer 12 (10 Cancer) is:

"A Large Diamond in the First Stages of the Cutting Process":

 Interpretation:  "Your position is just beginning to take shape, and the potential is enormous!!!
HOWEVER! There needs to be care and accuracy taken, or all your hard work could end up for nothing."
So, again, while you may feel ready to move onto the next level, whether it's a relationship, a partnership, a career, a job, remember that what you are doing is coming from a deep, organic place and it has taken you a long time to develop this energy. So why rush it now? Watch the details and take your time.  Think of how long you have taken to get yourself here. Why rush the next three weeks? 
This last eclipse seems like it has a lot to teach us about roots, nurturing, our home life, and how we "mother" ourselves.  We may find ourselves ready to let go of certain "comforts" in order to create something more substantial for ourselves.

Take great care, as this is something you have worked so hard for, and it is so important to you!