It’s been an active year so far, with the focus still on Saturn in Sagittarius, where it will be until December 21st.  That means, we have a just half a year left to conquer our Saturn in Sagittarius energy!


The Full Moon in Sagittarius on Friday June 9th is shining another spot light on Saturn.  Saturn is such an important planet. It represents all that is tangible, real, and solid.  Wherever Saturn goes, we are asked to create a tangible structure, and healthy, realistic boundaries.  Saturn is hard work, and when we put the hard work into our dreams necessary, it can transform our dreams into reality.  Saturn gives our dreams a strong foundation in order to keep them alive, and in order to allow our dreams to exist here in reality.


However, without Saturn, any good luck or prosperity given to us by Sagittarius will turn out to be without substance, and unable to last.  We must be willing to do the hard work of Saturn in order to manifest our dreams, and in order to hold onto them.


The Full Moon in Sagittarius takes place on Friday Morning, June 9th at 6:19 am Pacific time.  Less than an hour later, Jupiter, Sagittarius’ ruling planet and the planet of good luck, abundance, and prosperity, goes direct in the sign of Libra. 

Jupiter has been retrograde since early February, during eclipse season, where issues regarding “Me” versus “Relationships” were the focus.  We were asked to re-evaluate how we can make our relationships more balanced: not just interpersonal relationships, love relationships, or business relationships with other people, but also our relationship with ourselves, our values, our daily habits, and our relationship with money. 


On Friday, we have an opportunity to move forward in all our relationships realistically and in a more balanced fashion.  Jupiter is working in Harmony with this full moon, and there will be opportunities to create new relationships, which will open us up to abundance and prosperity.


But, remember, it’s not enough to just “think positive” or read “The Secret” in order to manifest the prosperity you are seeking when Saturn is involved.  Sagittarius will always reward optimism, but if you want to that prosperity to last, don’t be afraid of the hard or challenges given to you by Saturn.  Saturn just wants you to do the work to make sure you can hold onto your dreams.  If you’ve been working hard since February, then Jupiter and the Full Moon will be ready to reveal your rewards this weekend.