#astrologyretrograde #retrogrades2020 #venusretrograde #venussquareneptune When things are retrograde, it gives us more time and more chances to deal with certain areas in our lives, it gives us opportunities to see things from a different perspective, and to go back and finish up things we started earlier. . . . Basically, retrogrades force us to be introspective. They force us to take the time to think things through more carefully. They give us the chance to go back and make necessary changes. . . . Retrogrades show us there are no quick fixes!! . . .During these introspective times, don't assume that everything you "think" is true. . . . . .Neptune squaring Venus is making everyone comfortable with what they think is true, but right now, nobody knows what is real or true. . . . . In other words, Do not believe everything you think!!!!! . . . . Be okay with your human limitations. Be okay with not knowing. It's okay to not know what you didn't know, to change your mind, take another look, and be introspective.

Retrograde dates:
Pluto in Capricorn: April 25th-October 3rd.
Saturn in Aquarius/Capricorn: May 11-September 28th.
Venus in Gemini: May 13- June 24th.
Jupiter in Capricorn: May 14-September 11th.
Mercury in Cancer: June 18th- July 11th.

Spring/Summer Eclipse Dates:
June 5th (Sagittarius=Lunar eclipse),
June 21 (Cancer=Solar eclipse),
July 5th (Capricorn=Lunar eclipse).