The moon is officially full in Gemini, as of 5:44 pm ET today (11/25/15).  This means the Sun and the Moon are exactly opposite one another.  The ego and unconscious look for balance. Our communication skills and living our truth comes into focus.

Sagittarius energy likes to believe, "Well, you know what I meant!!", as they make sweeping generalizations about things, sometimes adding a bit of sarcasm to it.  Heaven forbid you ever spoke back to a Sagittarius that way.  They would accuse you of being "negative", walk away all butt-hurt. 

Sagittarian philosophy is not always easily put in simple terms.  The Sagittarius-Gemini opposition wants our third-eye and our throat chakra work together to describe and communicate our grandest visions in the simplest terms, to others.

Neptune in Pisces with Saturn in Sagittarius is creating an extra challenge: Are we being realistic about our vision?  How do we create a realistic structure to support our idealistic visions and dreams?

The full moon in Gemini wants to help us find the right words, the simple words, to live by.  We don't need a lot of words, we don't need to gossip, or to ramble on and on.

Look for the simple words to live your greatest vision by.