The old ways have brought us, and society, to where we are right now. Clearly the old ways are not working for us anymore.

So many changes are happening around us and it seems these are things that needed to be changed a long time ago.  It's interesting what things we recently thought were so important, we have now deemed as "non-essential".

Things considered "normal" in our society which no longer serve us, which I'd like to see "de-normalized":
-Extreme political polarization 
-Being weaponized against one another on social media
-"Every man for himself"
-"Profits are more important than providing health care"
-"We can't have safety nets for people who need them because someone who doesn't deserve a safety net might use it"
-"Online bullying is to be expected"
-"Both sides are the same."

#UranusinTaurus "Your values must evolve." #SaturninAquarius "Transcending boundaries by evolving". #cloud iridescence #astrology2020 #astrologyreadingsbyleslie