From October of 2012 until September 19th of 2015, we were dealing with the restrictive energy of Saturn in Scorpio. 

Saturn in Scorpio was all about how other people’s values (“society’s values”), and how the things we can’t control, can create boundaries and obstacles in our lives.  It’s “birth, death and taxes, the only things that are certain in life”, and the things we wish we could control, but we can’t.

The energy of Scorpio also rules our deepest desires and hidden obsessions and fears.  With Saturn in Scorpio, it was a vulnerable, sometimes paranoid, energy, leading to feelings of wanting to “put up walls” to protect oneself.

In December of 2014, Saturn briefly left Scorpio and we had a little taste of Saturn in Sagittarius, until it retrograded back into Scorpio again this summer in June, where we relived some of those vulnerabilities of Scorpio until the end of September.

Now, finally, we are at a point where the Saturn in Scorpio energy, as well as the eclipse energy and retrograde energy of the summer has passed, and we can begin to move forward with practical, realistic optimism.

Saturn will be staying in the optimistic sign of Sagittarius from now until December of 2017.  Saturn generally takes 28-30 years to make a full revolution around the Sun.  Saturn last visited Sagittarius from 1985-1988, so if you were alive back then, the spiritual themes surrounding authority figures, what you believe in, and personal responsibility, may be repeating themselves from that time.

The planet Saturn is the energy of boundaries, maturity, responsibility, restriction, and structure.  The sign Sagittarius is the energy of expansion, optimism, growth, attraction, abundance, and progressiveness. 

Sagittarius can be unrealistically optimistic at times, literally “allergic” to anything perceived as negativity.  On the other hand, Saturn does not let us hide from reality.  So, while the energy of Sagittarius would rather expand and not deal with the boundaries and limitations of reality, it can be a productive blend when Saturn takes Sagittarian ideals seriously, and makes an optimistic vision a reality.  

Still, it can be aggravating, particularly for those who have any significant planets (Sun or Moon) or Rising sign at an early degree in a mutable sign (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces).  Saturn in Sagittarius can ground and help better channel some of the mutable signs' nervous energy, which can help them to focus their energies productively.  But, Saturn is not always a nurturing teacher.  Saturn is patient, but Saturn expects you to work hard and focus, and Saturn rarely cuts you a break.

Do we hide behind our “beliefs” in order to escape dealing with “the details of reality”?  Or, are we compromising what we know makes us happy? and/or compromising what we believe in? in order to avoid dealing with judgement from others?

Saturn in Sagittarius is also asking us to take responsibility for what we believe in and to live our truth.

Saturn in Sagittarius energy can help you work through the challenge of grounding yourself, in order to make your Optimistic Sagittarian Vision a Saturnian Reality.