Yoda: "
Brought you here, the galaxy has. Your path, clearly, this is."
Luke: "You know what I'm looking for."
Yoda: "Something lost. A part of yourself, perhaps. That which you seek, inside, you will find. That placeā€¦ is strong with the dark side of the Force. A domain of evil it is. In you must go.

Luke: "What's in there?"
Yoda: "Only what you take with you."

Saturn is changing signs.  This is a BIG deal! So... we begin a new cycle of energy that will last until 2014. 

Good news! If you were born between October of 1980 and November of 1982, congratulations, you have survived your Saturn Return!  If you were born between December 1982 and November 1985, it's now time to find out what your true place in the world is, despite being faced with your own mortal boundaries and scary limitations. 

For the rest of us, if you aren't afraid of digging all the way down to the bottom of things and if you are not afraid of understanding and seeing the real truth, no matter how ugly it is, you are going to love Saturn in Scorpio.  If you like to pull the wool over your own eyes and live in a fantasy land, however, this could be a rough time for you, as Saturn in Scorpio can be a manipulator of power.

Saturn and Scorpio are in mutual reception and will be approaching favorable aspects to Neptune, the planet of compassion and unconditional love.

The downside of this energy is, if you try to walk away from compassion and truth, beware that this energy may try to manipulate you into selling your soul to the "dark side".  Or, We can use this energy to transform ourselves by understanding that being compassionate IS a responsible thing to do.