The eclipses have ended, but Venus is still retrograde.  The constant energy of "re-evaluation" may make it feel like you are losing momentum.  Especially this weekend, with the Moon in Taurus, you would rather sit in the Sun and smell the flowers than be productive.

The new moon in Gemini on Tuesday is conjunct Polaris, the "North Star".
  Polaris  is associated with navigating one's way, as it was always used by sailors, travelers and wanderers as a guide.
New Moons are always a nice "mini beginning" that we get once a month. Conjunct Polaris, we can look to our guides, teachers, our higher power, or our "inner guide" to find a new path. 

Greek navigators called Polaris Kynosoura, which means "the Dog's Tail". Cynosure, the English word derived from Kynosoura, means "an object that serves as a focal point of attention and admiration" or "Something that serves to guide".

For the weekend, enjoy the lazy, lounge-y, creature comfort-y Taurus energy.  But, come Tuesday, the new moon should recharge you and inspire you to keep moving forward, and to keep "finding your voice".  

Look to your "guides" for direction!

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