This one is for the empathic souls.  I'm posting this because I had an epiphany as an empath, and thought this might help other empaths.

Astrologically, empaths tend to be ruled by the water and the moon, particularly Cancer energy. Pisces energy absorbs everyone's energy around them, Scorpios are painfully aware of the lack of empathy in others.  Empaths literally experience other people's emotions, particularly emotions directed towards them. Empaths are prone to getting other people's energy "stuck" to them, like cobwebs or hooked into them, like a fish-hook.

If your Neptune or Moon is the highest planet in your chart, you tend to absorb the energy of the general public, which can be very damaging to the empath. 

I realized recently, that I do not experience social media the same way that non-empaths do. I can tell when someone's read my posts when I am not even logged on, and I can feel their emotional response to my posts before I've read them. When strangers tag me in a comment, I feel so dirty and disturbed that I can barely think straight or function for up to several hours, depending on the level of toxicity of the comment.

 I feel compelled to respond to people, even when I don't want to, and even when it's damaging to me, because I am experiencing what the responder is feeling and feel like I need to change how they feel so that I no longer have to experience what they are feeling. I've felt guilty for not being able to emotionally detach and just market my business like other "influencers", but have come to realize that this is not my style.

Most of my long-term repeat clients I have met by referral, through yoga classes, or are energy workers themselves. I've always thought of myself as the astrologer and healer for other healers.

So, in the spirit of Uranus in Taurus, I am changing my relationship with social media and the internet and the way I market myself.

If you are an empath, do not feel guilty when it's time to recharge yourself. Sage your living space, drink moonwater, wash your crystals, take a bath in the moonlight.

My social media pages are private and I post exclusively for friends, existing clients, and people who give shit about my well being.

If you are here, we are connected for a reason. My soul trusts you and I welcome you with love.