Ah, eclipses.  Everything seems like it was going along just fine, and then the eclipses come along!!!  That tends to be the feeling one gets during an eclipse.  As I mentioned earlier, eclipses occur when the universe decides it is ready to reveal things to us that were previously hidden.  Or, maybe it's just that we are ready to face things we weren't ready to face before.

I guess this would be the reason why eclipses are often feared and referred to as "bad" by many Astrologers.  However, I really bristle at the use of "good" and "bad" when describing planetary activity of any kind.  There are favorable energies and challenging energies.  There are "easy" energies, as well as energies that produce "tension". 

The challenging energies in life are just as important as the easy energies. Sometimes we need a little kick in the pants to move us onto the next level of our lives. We cannot remain stagnant, we must grow.

So, what it comes down to, is how one is going to react to the challenges, the changes, the "new information" revealed by the eclipses.  Oftentimes, something happens in our lives that feels "bad" at first, but in retrospect, we can see how that incident has forced us to grow and come into our own and actually can elevate us to the next level.

Since these eclipses are happening in Gemini, we check out to see what the planet Mercury is doing...low and behold, Mercury is conjunct the Pleiades, often associated with "blindness". This does not necessarily mean you are going to lose your eyesight!  But it is begging us to ask ourselves "What things in my life have I been blind to?  What things in my life have I been trying not to "see"?"

On the favorable side, this particular eclipse is going to be trining Saturn.  Saturn rules our boundaries and limitations. It is the energy of maturity and discipline.  Saturn is exalted in the sign Libra, meaning, the best aspects of Saturnian energy are expressed in the sign of balance, fairness and relationships.  A "trine" is an "easy" aspect, considered favorable.  This eclipse could uncover one's ability to find balance and discipline in one's life to bring one's self to the "next level" in life. Whatever goals you have been going after, this energy is actually extremely favorable in helping one channel that energy in just the right way!

However, if you are running from responsibility, not striving to create balance, or if you are crossing certain boundaries in your relationships, you're probably not going to have the best experiences during this eclipse.  Eclipses tend to force us to take a look at things, and we don't always like what we see!

So tap into some of that stable, mature Saturnian energy. Create healthy boundaries in all your relationships, and don't be afraid to "see" the truth!   You know the saying: "The truth shall set you free".

"I can see clearly now."