Remember when I said we needed to minimize, contract, and simplify? It was to be ready for this storm:

Pluto goes Retrograde at the end of the month, April 24th: More destruction of society's institutions, structures, and systems, in order to rebuild society's institutions, structures and systems.   

Venus & Jupiter go retrograde in May: Re-evaluating our values...again.  What is really important? 

Mercury goes retrograde in June: Re-evaluating how we go about our daily lives, how we speak, and how we listen and learn.

Eclipses on June 5th and June 21st: Uncovering cultural and communication issues. 

Mars is retrograde from September until November: Re-evaluating our personal power and where we expend our energy.

On Christmas eve, Jupiter goes into Aquarius and hopefully people start making decisions and looking at what is important and truly valuable from their 7th chakras.