So, today the moon moves in to sensitive, emotional Cancer, approaching an opposition to Pluto, that nasty planet always reminding us of how vulnerable we are, as well as how capable we are of our own destruction! 

The moon just wants to feel safe and comfortable...

...but Pluto is challenging her, saying "don't cling to comfort if it means sacrificing your boundaries and your values".

 Saturn is still in Libra, so relationships must be based in reality.  With Venus still in Scorpio and still retrograde, as much as one might feel "afraid to be alone", there is still the feeling that before one can commit to anything really important, (not just a marriage or personal relationship, but also any business contracts, including mortgages), one must make sure that their value system is in order!  Is it more important to pay that bill, or to fly across country for a long distance relationship?  Should you buy a house or keep renting for awhile?  Should you commit to an open relationship or should you commit to a monogamous one?  What commitments do you need to make towards your own values?