The Sun and Moon are conjunct the Pleiades tomorrow, "The Seven Sisters" (a cluster of stars at 29 Taurus/0 Gemini), right on the eclipse. Eclipses are times when the Universe reveals to us "that which was previously hidden from sight". 

According to the Maya, the solar system rotates around the center star of the Pleiades, Alcyone, in a 26,000 year period. The end of this period is on Dec 23, 2012. Guess what? It's the rebirth of Venus (as opposed to the end of the world).

Could it be we are entering an new era of Venus/Female dominated energy (as opposed to Mars/Male dominated energy)?

Above picture: Seven Suffragists of
The National American Woman Suffrage Association. Front row, left to right: Mrs. Wood Park, Dr. Anna Howard Shaw, Mrs. Carrie Chapman Catt, Mrs. Helen H. Gardner: second row, Miss Rose Young, Mrs. George Bass, and Miss Ruth White.  Series: American Unofficial Collection of World War I Photographs, compiled 1917 - 1918

They fought the war on women, and won...