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Mercury Goes Direct June 11th-By Hillory Skott

June 8-14, 2015 Mercury moves direct clearing the air for more precise movement forward. But wait. . .Dreamy Neptune might confuse things for awhile- if its too good to be true, bow out. The question is: How do you tell the difference between a shyster and a helpful connection? It may be hard to tell right now. Also, this week back tracking Saturn is reentering Scorpio until September. Expect a revisiting of the issues you were dealing with late last year. They are coming up for final completion. Lean into all those uncomfortable feelings.

All week there is luck and harmony connecting life in ways we can't see. If you need to express yourself midweek is helpful. Communications can be downright magical. Like when you know exactly what someone is going to say. Or you realized you share the same reoccuring dream with someone. Those moments when the coincidence is all to much to just be coincidence.

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