We are about to enter an "Eclipse Period". Eclipses come when the Universe decides it's ready to reveal something to us, "previously hidden". June 1: Solar eclipse 11 Gemini, June 15: Lunar eclipse 24 Sagittarius, July 1: Solar eclipse at 9 Cancer.

The first Eclipse: Solar Eclipse "New Beginnings" at 11 Gemini

The Sabian Symbol for 11 Degrees Gemini:
"Newly Opened Land offers Pioneers New Opportunities for Experiences."

Breaking away from the "known" into new territories.
Fear is the greatest obstacle.
Letting go of the PAST, which no longer serves us (this seems to be a recurring theme!)
If negative "Holding onto the familiar out of fear".

Photo by Leslie Reyes 2004

What area in your life are these eclipses falling? Contact me if you are interested in a special "Eclipse Report"