We get our first Supermoon and Eclipse of 2016 on Tuesday, March 8th in dreamy Pisces.  Not only is this a Supermoon, meaning the Moon will be at its closest approach to Earth, but it is also a New Moon Total Solar Eclipse, meaning the Earth will completely cover and shadow the light of the Sun. 

What does that all mean for us here on Earth?

Eclipses are periods of "uncovering", when the Universe feels we are ready to accept some information we previously didn't have access to, in order to take the next step forward. 

This energy echoes the "Healing Full Moon" in Virgo two weeks ago, asking us to find a way to balance our mundane activities of daily living with healthy escapes from reality.  We were being asked to find simple ways to organize ourselves and take care of our physical bodies, in order to make more time for spiritual nurturing.

This New Moon Eclipse is at 18 degrees Pisces, and will be opposing Pisces' classical ruler, Jupiter, at 18 Virgo.  Jupiter is not a fan of being in the sign Virgo.  He tends to make a big deal about the details, gets picky over little things that shouldn't matter, and sometimes overlooks the things that really do matter.  We may have trouble stepping back and envisioning the "big picture" when Jupiter is in this earthbound sign.

The intensity of this New-Moon-Opposite-Jupiter-Energy is not really favorable for making any big decisions.  However, It is a great energy for nurturing the imagination and beginning a new spiritual ritual. It is an excellent energy for spiritual healing, retreats, meditation, music and art therapy, and other healthy escapes from reality. 

Use this New Moon Eclipse to turn inward, be insightful, and maybe even heal from some old emotional wounds.  Be gentle with yourself during this period.  Winter is coming to an end. 

Meditate and ponder over your options during this time.  When Spring arrives, things become clearer, you can use the upcoming Aries energy to initiate new projects at that time.  But for now, engage in acts of self-love and forgiveness.

Use this New Moon energy to heal yourself on a soul level.