Approximately every seven years, the planet Uranus changes signs and ushers in a new energetic cycle.

From 2011 up until last week, the Planet Uranus, which rules radical & progressive thoughts, technology, invention, sudden flashes of genius, and where we rebel in life, had been in Aries, the sign of physical aggression, war and "the individual self".  

On May 15th, on the day the New Moon was conjunct Caput Algol (the beheaded demon), the planet Uranus moved into it's least favorite sign, Taurus. 

Every planet has certain signs which they thrive in, and others...not so much.

Uranus, unfortunately, does not do so well in the sign Taurus.

Uranus is the energy of electricity.  It is volatile and unpredictable.  Uranus is about being progressive, opening our minds, ushering in change in the form of technology and scientific advances.

Conversely, Taurus is the energy of pure Earth.  Taurus values tradition and does not like to let go of the past. It is about being still and being grounded. It is about being comfortable and avoiding change.  Taurus energy will stay in a bad situation just to avoid change, sometimes.

But why is this so bad?  If Uranus is electricity, maybe Taurus can harness and ground that energy?

That would be a very positive manifestation of Uranus in Taurus: To harness that electric energy of invention and create something tangible.  And that is the most positive manifestation of that energy.

However, it's possible if we aren't clear on what our values are, this energy can manifest into a "Be careful what you wish for" scenario.

The energy of the planet Uranus rules our radical thoughts as well as our "hopes and wishes" on a larger scale, while Taurus rules what is truly valuable and important to us.

Uranus is intangible sudden flashes of ideas, and Taurus can turn those ideas into something tangible.

The trouble starts if we aren't clear on what is truly important to us. What are those radical thoughts?  Would they be good for society or destructive if manifested into reality?

Uranus rules fanaticism and radical groups.  We can see this happening in the political world, as more and more radical groups are coming out of the shadows, and attempting to manifest their "values" onto the rest of society.  

In this case, it is more important than ever that we learn from our past. The last time Uranus was in Taurus was from 1934-1942. What "radical values" manifested physically during that time?

One radical belief during that time, was the belief in a "superior race". This could have remained a radical idea that stayed in people's heads.  However, Taurus manifested those "values" into the physical form of the holocaust.  It went from a radical thought, to physically attempting to eliminate those who did not fit the definition of "superior race", by those who defined it based on their radical values.

Now, Uranus in Taurus does't have to be all doom and gloom.  Some of the more positive manifestations which were brought to us by Uranus in Taurus were:

  • The invention of the Electric Guitar (Uranus=electricity, Taurus=music)
  • The invention of the Richter Scale 
  • The invention of the first digital computer in 1937
  • The invention of nylon pantyhose (Uranus=manmade material, Taurus=beauty/fashion)
  • The first microwave oven in 1947
Another thing which happened the last time Uranus was in Taurus was the beginning of the modern Women's Right's movement.

In 1936, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that medical literature about birth control was considered "obscene". 

Women had this radical idea that they should be able to decide for themselves whether or not they were ready to start a family.  Women began the fight for reproductive rights during this time, and it still wasn't legal for married couples to obtain birth control nationwide until 1965.

Uranus is "radical ideas", Taurus is related to Venus, the sign that rules females and fertility.

In our personal lives, it is really important that we spend the next seven years clearly defining what is valuable to us.  Because whatever radical inventive ideas we have going on in our minds, we have the possibility to manifest them into reality.

So, be careful what you wish for while Uranus is in Taurus!