Venus goes retrograde on October 8th at 13 degrees Scorpio.  The Sabian Symbol for 13 Scorpio is "An inventor performs a laboratory experiment".

 It's time to re-evaluate things that may not be working out for you right now.  Don't make any commitments at this time.  Try different things.  Experiment.   "Women from your past" may resurface during this time, as well as some relationship issues you may have buried.  It's also time to figure out which goals you are trying to pursue are realistic, and which ones are merely "pipe dreams".

Venus goes direct at 27 degrees Libra on November 19th.
The Sabian Symbol for 27 Libra is "An airplane sails high in the clear sky".

Rise above your current situation, and trust the universe is carrying you to a new destination.  Detach and observe the situation from a calm place.  Try to see the big picture, and be realistic about it!