On the Eve of Venus Retrograde….

Venus officially goes retrograde on Saturday July 25th at 5:29 am EDT at 0 degrees Virgo.  Venus will be dipping back into romantic Leo, dancing with Jupiter, asking us to look at the big picture of relationships and romance, and asking us to ask ourselves of the importance of connecting with others on a fun, romantic level.  In general, Venus is asking us to put some fun and romance back into our existing relationships.

So the theme from now until September 6th is “Relationships”.  How do we make them work? Is there a right or wrong way to approach them?  How important is having a relationship with someone, to you, personally, as an individual?  Or maybe, you are the kind of person that doesn’t really do well in a traditional relationship. 

In astrology, when we talk about the energy that rules relationships, we are not just talking about relationships with other human beings, but our relationship with what we find important in lives: Our Values.

Our ability to accept and receive love and money are somewhat tied up in each other through the energy of Venus in our charts.  Being honest and clear with ourselves about what is important to us, and if we value ourselves as human beings and individuals, affects our ability to accept and receive love and abundance.

What do you value?  The sign your Venus is in will tell you what type of relationship you are attracted to. 

To Review:

Where is your Venus?

Venus in Aries: I want action and I don't want to share.
Venus in Taurus: I want someone rich, beautiful and grounded.
Venus in Gemini: I want a good conversation.
Venus in Cancer: I want to be nurtured.
Venus in Leo: I want romance!
Venus in Virgo: I want someone practical.
Venus in Libra: I want a fair and balanced partnership.
Venus in Scorpio: I want dark, deep and dangerous.
Venus in Sagittarius: I want an adventure!
Venus in Capricorn: I want the CEO.
Venus in Aquarius: I love everyone in general, but no one in particular.
Venus in Pisces: I want to love and be loved unconditionally.

HOWEVER the AREA of your life where your values manifest is determined by the House that Venus falls in.  Where the signs and planets fall in our Houses, is determined by our time of birth and the rising sign.

What HOUSE is your Venus in?

First House:  I love to look good, and it's all about appearances.

Second House: I love money and nice things.

Third House: I love to learn and talk.

Fourth House: I love to feel safe, and I love my roots and my home.

Fifth House: I love romance, drama and fun. And I love to create!

Sixth House: I love to stay organized, and keep things simple so that I’m nobody’s bitch.

Seventh House: I love courtship, balance, and getting to know people.

Eighth House: I love passion, sex and danger. I love intensity.

Ninth House: I love philosophy, traveling, and learning about foreign cultures. I love keeping a positive, open mind.

Tenth House: I love being the boss and being on top.

Eleventh House: I love my friends, humanity, intellectualism and rationality...and I love to pursue my visions and dreams.

Twelve House: I love to escape from reality.

(photo: Dreams of Soulmates by parablev)

Venus is going retrograde in Leo, the sign of fun, romance and creativity.  Which area of your life will you be re-evaluating the energy of Leo??

Wherever Leo and Virgo fall in your chart, this is the area of your life where you will be re-evaluating the importance of relationships, money, justice and beauty, romance, and fun from now until September 6th.

Where is Venus Retrograde in Your chart??

First House:  Am I approaching life in a loving way? Am I valuing myself?

Second House: Am I taking money too seriously, or not seriously enough?

Third House: Am I speaking from the heart?

Fourth House:  Am I having fun at home? Do I need to redecorate?

Fifth House:  How important is romance? Am I in touch with my inner child?

Sixth House: Am I enjoying my work?  How can I make my routines more fun?

Seventh House:  Does my relationship need a romance re-boot? Am I enjoying my relationships?

Eighth House:  Am I trying to control someone or something I can’t? Am I investing time and money in the right things?

Ninth House:  What is my philosophy on relationships? Am I seeing the big picture?

Tenth House:  Do I love my career/place in the world?  Can I be “the boss of me” in a fun and loving way?

Eleventh House:  Do I need to reconnect with some old friends? Do my circle of friends and acquaintances support and enhance my happiness?

Twelfth House:   Are there past issues around relationships, values, money, fun and romance which I need to face, which I haven’t been dealing with?