Venus, the planet that rules relationships, contracts, agreements, as well as personal values, material possessions and money, has been in retrograde in Leo (fun, romance, ego, recreation, children and "the inner child"), for a few weeks now. 

This has been a time of re-evaluating what is important: What do we consider valuable?  WHO do we consider valuable? And how does the way we value ourselves affect our ability to accept abundance in the forms of money/material possessions? As well as accepting and receiving love?  Venus retrograde in Leo also asks us to re-evaluate the importance of balancing romance in relationships, too...

Venus is currently slowing down to make a station in Leo before she goes direct on Sunday September 6th, but don't mistake that for a sign of weakness! 

Venus' energy is strong, and wherever you feel the "pull", that's probably Venus conjunct Mars asking you to take action in that area of your life. If you're starting to feel like you're ready to change your approach to romance, values/material possessions, and/or relationships, this is an opportunity to "change the direction" in your own life, with regards to the choices you've been making in the areas of your life rule by Venus and Leo.

What have you been re-evaluating since mid-July?  Finances? Relationships? Romance? Children? Creative Projects? Recreation? During this final week, Venus wants you to find balance in those areas of your life; To find a balance between your personal, creative side; your inner child, and the relationships in your life with those people and things most valuable to you.

Venus is stepping back to touch Mars one more time before going direct: We can still hold onto our personal power and nurture our egos, and still find a way to have balanced relationships AND balanced checkbooks. 

This energy is saying, remember to value your own heart, and get ready to move forward in this new direction.